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Steps to Storing Winter Clothes

Winter is (finally) over, and now it’s time to get ready for spring! There’s nothing better than storing away your winter clothes and bringing out your summer dresses, but it’s important to do it correctly so you don’t go crazy when it’s time to bring out your sweaters in the fall. Follow our winter storing list and extend your summer relaxation all the way into mid-fall!

1. Spring Cleaning
We all have that spot in the back of our closet filled with sweaters and regifted scarves we haven’t worn in years. Instead of letting them take up valuable space in your closet for the next thirty years, go through your clothes and take out any items you haven’t worn in over two years—the truth is that you’ll probably never wear them! Seal them in a plastic bag and donate them to your town’s homeless shelter.

2. Rapid Repairs
Before storing your winter clothes, take a look at the items you’re keeping and check if they need to be repaired. Now is the time to sew on any loose or missing buttons, fix hanging threads, and soak out stains. Trust us, your future self will thank you once the fall comes.

3. Winter Washing
Wash away the last signs of winter by sending your clothes to a dry cleaner before storage! This is especially helpful for delicates and large winter coats that require more attention when cleaning. Even if your clothes seem clean, it’s a good idea to wash them in order to get rid of dust and any hidden stains that could develop further while in storage. Who wouldn’t want to open up a box of perfectly washed clothes in the fall?

4. Moth Balls
Let’s be serious, mothballs are more of a human repellant than a moth repellant! No one wants their clothes to smell like a bunch of mothballs, but fear not! Lavender bags and cedar chips are a great alternative—not only do they work as well as moth balls, but they also leave your clothes smelling nice and fresh.

5. Fabulous Folding
While you may be tempted to just roll up your clothes and throw them in the storage, it is important to fold them properly. This will prevent creasing and serious wrinkling over the summer. If folding isn’t your forte, take a look at some videos on YouTube or online—you won’t regret it.

6. Similar Storing
The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re saying goodbye to the warm weather is look through a bunch of boxes for your favorite sweater. To make unpacking and locating easier, store sweaters with sweaters, jeans with jeans, and so on. By packing the same articles of clothing together, they will stack better and keep well in storage. Make sure to put the heavier items at the bottom of the bag/box to prevent wrinkling and creasing!

7. Say Farewell
Finally! Store your clothes in plastic containers over cardboard boxes. This will keep out humidity and insects more successfully because plastic boxes seal better than cardboard boxes. You can also use vacuum-sealed bags if you prefer—these will take up less space and work just as well as plastic containers.

Ahh, doesn’t it feel great to finally relax and wait for the warm weather to arrive? You have said your last goodbye to winter—enjoy!

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