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Dry Cleaning the Better Way

If you have a multitude of garments that are labeled ‘dry cleaning only’, they need special treatment. Your do-it-yourself cleaning kit just can’t do the job intended for these clothes. Why? Because professional dry cleaners are cleaning specialists who know how to handle every fabric and material with the utmost care. They will not only remove the most stubborn stain, but do it without damaging the garment in the process. Not only that, but professional dry cleaners will repair loose buttons, make alterations and even give your garment a new look, upon your request.

At-home cleaning kits, washer and dryers are only good for removing dust and making clothes fresh whereas with professional dry cleaning, you can even remove oil-based stains and ground-in soils. Certain odors like smoke-smell and smell from mold and rust are hard to get rid of at home. However, with Princeton dry cleaning service, your clothes will start smelling like the breeze. The Princeton dry cleaning experts will make sure that your garments have a clean and pressed look as if you bought them from the store. The machine washing process used by these experts is not prone to fiber and material breakdown. In addition, no harsh chemicals and bleach are used in the process. Here, dry cleaning involves solvent that is easy on fabric, and most dry cleaners prefer to use the ones that are environmentally friendly. There is no water used, thus preserving the integrity of the garment by preventing the colors from running and fabrics from shrinking. Best of all, there is no risk of size or appearance alteration like what happens with a regular washing machine. All the cleaning work from start to finish is done for you. Professional dry cleaning combines your effort to wash, dry, iron, fold and preserve your clothes.

Not only that, with Princeton dry cleaning service, dry cleaning can also be done on items other than clothing. With the latest technology in the dry cleaning field, these experts are able to treat a wide variety of household items upon your request such as shoes, bags, curtains, pillows and much more. Regardless of the fabric used, you can be sure that your garments are safe in the hands of these professionals.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for more than just laundry service for your precious garments, Princeton dry cleaning is your best bet. This place will make things easier for you, so take advantage of what they offer.

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