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Linen Cleaners Report Restaurant Owners Increase Sales

Ewing – August 14, 2015 – If you are a restaurant owner, you know the importance of a good first impression. Presentation is everything in a restaurant, not just the food, but the entire ambiance, from the table setting, to the meal. The very survival of a restaurant rests heavily on not just the quality of food, but also on the presentation of its table linens. Customers at a restaurant might get turned off if the table linens are soiled or not creased properly. Princeton Linen Supply has been helping restaurants maintain that good first impression with their pristine linen service. In fact, restaurants have reported an increase in business after using their service.

Princeton Linen Supply knows that the complete food experience is multisensory, so what the customers hear feel, smell, and more importantly see contributes to how they enjoy their experience at your restaurant. Customers are influenced by the smallest of details, such as clean, attractive table linens, or fresh, quality chef apparel. Once a restaurant has established a solid customer base, they want to keep those patrons coming back. This can be accomplished by providing an engaging experience inside the restaurant. Exceptional service, food, value, and atmosphere all contribute to the positive restaurant experience. A well-dressed customer deserves a well-dressed table.

Princeton Linen Supply will deliver the linens to your location and will come and exchange your linens for fresh, newly laundered ones. They are committed to keeping your establishment looking spotless.  Princeton Linen Supply understands the need to have a clean, inviting establishment, one that will convey to your patrons that you pay close attention to the smallest details.  The key to their success has been their partnership with their customers and the service relationships they build to ensure they surpass those standards.

At Princeton Linen Supply customers come first and are considered their family. They are a family owned operated business with deep roots in the local area. Princeton Linen Supply services top dining establishments in Mercer and Bucks County. To learn more about Princeton Linen Supply and their linen services, please contact them as per below.


Contact:  609-896-2100

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