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Linen Supply in Ewing, New Jersey


Ewing, New Jersey
Set along the scenic Delaware River, Ewing, New Jersey has long since been home to the culture and beauty. Whether it was the Lenni Lenape Native Americas hunting and fishing on the beautiful, but powerful river or the early American settlers building early America, Ewing has been a center for growth of communities and commune with the natural world.

Linen Supply near Ewing, NJ
It’s no secret that one of the keys to success is looking good. Nothing say success like a nicely pressed shirt and a wrinkle-free pair of dress pants, but who has time to iron and press their clothes with everything else that daily life demands? If you’re like most people, you don’t. Lucky for you, there’s Captain Dry Clean! Captain Dry Clean is the number one Ewing, NJ dry cleaner, offering residential and commercial pick-up laundry service using organic, eco-friendly methods to help preserve our planet.

Residential Linen Supply Ewing, NJ
Most people’s schedules look something like this: Wake up, go to work, run errands, go home, sleep, and repeat. And chances are, the small portion of their day dedicated to running errands doesn’t involve washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes. You could struggle to make time to take care of your clothes, OR you could call Captain Dry Clean, the number one dry cleaner near Ewing, NJ. Captain Dry Clean will pick up, wash, dry, press, and return your soiled clothes as a nominal fee so that you can use your precious time to take care of the other thousand things that need doing. Call Captain Dry Clean at 1-888-982-2782 today!

Corporate Linen Supply 08618
Some businesses—hotels and restaurants, for example—use large amounts of reusable cloth and linen materials. A handful of these businesses invest in expensive washrooms and employees to staff them and run up costly water bills. This is not always economical, which is okay because there’s a great alternative. If you own a business in or near Ewing, NJ, Captain Dry Clean is here to save the day! As the number one Ewing NJ dry cleaner, Captain Dry clean offers great rates for our corporate clients, so that you don’t have that you can invest in your business in other ways. With state-of-the-art washing and drying technologies and eco-friendly methods, Captain Dry Clean is here to save you and the planet! Call 1-888-982-2782 today!

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Having clean, pressed clothes is important, but if you’re a friend of the environment, so is having a clean conscience. With all the different chemicals in detergents polluting the air and water these days, it’s important that only the best and safest detergents be used. Captain Dry Clean, the number one Ewing. NJ dry cleaner, is proud to say that we only used safe, biodegradable products during our cleaning process to help make sure our planet isn’t harmed. If you want to be a hero and help save the planet, call Captain Dry Clean at 1-888-982-2782!

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