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Linen Supply in Princeton Junction, New Jersey

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Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Located just outside of Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton Junction is best known for its namesake, the Princeton Junction train station. For years, the Princeton Junction train station has been a staple in New Jersey public transportation, connecting the Northeast Corridor line to Princeton. Outside of public transportation, Princeton Junction was the home of actor Ethan Hawke and filmmaker Bryan Singer.

Linen Supply near Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Can you remember the last time you have a free moment to yourself? Between work, the family, and everything else in your life, little bits of precious free time are rare at best. With Princeton Linen Supply, you can take back some of that time you spend slaving over the laundry. As the number one Princeton Junction, NJ dry cleaner, we offer wash and fold services as well as press services with free pickup and delivery, all for affordable price. So, kick back, grab a glass of wine, and pick up a book and let us take care of the clothes. Call Princeton Linen Supply at 1-888-982-2782 today and we’ll save the day!

Princeton Junction, NJ Residential Linen Supply

How many people live in your home? Three? Five? More? For every person other than yourself who shares your home, there’s that much more laundry that needs taking care of. And the more clothes that need to be washed, dried, and folded, the more time it takes. If this sounds familiar to you, Princeton Linen Supply has the answer to your problems! Princeton Linen Supply, the top Princeton Junction, NJ dry cleaner service, offers residential wash, fold, and press service so that you don’t have to worry about the laundry. And with free pickup and delivery, our linen service can’t be beat! Call Princeton Linen Supply today at 1-888-982-2782 to get started!

Corporate Linen Supply in 08550

With the cost of operating a business being so high, it’s important the business owners do the most they can to spend money wisely. For some businesses—like hotels and restaurants—there’s the added cost of cleaning cloth and linen bed and table dressings. Whiles it’s true that a company can invest in expensive, state-of-the-art washing and drying technology and hire more staff to man the equipment, it’s not always the most economical solution. With our Princeton restaurant linen service, you have your dirty items picked up, cleaned, folded, pressed and delivered to your establishment at very reasonable rates. With no added cost of new employees or expensive equipment, you can’t go wrong with Princeton Linen Supply. Call 1-888-982-2782 now to get started!

Natural Green Organic Linen Supply In Princeton Junction, New Jersey

As time passes, our society becomes more and more aware of just how much our actions affect the planet. As a result, our society is becoming increasingly more eco-friendly in our methods and practices. As a part of the global community, Princeton Linen Supply prides itself in only using the safest products in our industry. With bio-degradable detergents and other eco-friendly practices, we’re excited to offer our customers yet another way to make out planet cleaner through out linen rentals. There’s a reason Princeton Linen Supply in the number one Princeton Junction, NJ dry cleaner. Call 1-888-982-2782 today and find out why!

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