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Linen Supply in Yardley, Pennsylvania


Yardley, Pennsylvania

History tells us that William Yardley bought a 500 acre plot of land from William Penn in 1862. Those 500 acres eventually expanded into what is now recognized as the borough of Yardley. The town’s storied history continued on to the Civil War era when several establishments and buildings there acted as stations for the Underground Railroad. To this day, Yardley remains a staple in the American story.

Linen Supply near Yardley, Pennsylvania

One of the most common phrases people use says “Time is of the essence,” and how true it is! Whether you spend your time maintaining a home or running a restaurant, you know that there’s next to no time for anything, especially laundry. There is an answer to you laundry problems though. Here at Princeton Linen Supply, we’re happy to wash, dry, and fold all of your laundry, so that you don’t have to. We’ll even pick it up and drop it off for FREE. If you’re tired of doing laundry, give us a call at 1-888-982-2782.

Yardley, PA Residential Linen Supply

Does your fast-paced, demanding life leave you little time to do the small chores that seem to pile up? If you’re like most people in the Yardley area, laundry is one of those things that there just aren’t enough hours in the day for. Don’t worry! Princeton Linen Supply is here to save the day! Offering the most reasonable rates around, Princeton Linen Supply will wash, dry, and fold your dirty laundry, and as a gift to our customers we will pick up and drop off your clothes free of charge! How’s that for convenient? Call 1-888-982-2782 to get started!

Corporate Linen Supply in 19067

While restaurants, doctors’ offices, and hotels are all in very different industries, they have at least one thing in common: massive amounts of laundry. And running a business has many demands that business owners need to address, leaving little time to worry about that laundry. So let Princeton Linen Supply take care of it for you! We will clean, dry, and fold all of your sheets, table clothes, and other soiled linens at rates that can be beat. And on top of that, we’ll pick it up and drop it off for free. Stop worrying about laundry today and call 1-888-982-2782!

Organic Linen Supply near 19067

Protecting this planet is important. Unfortunately, too many cleaning products and cleaning companies aren’t as concerned with this as they should be. Here at Princeton Linen Supply, we use only the safest, eco-friendly methods available to make sure your clothes and linens are amazingly clean without hurting the environment. To learn more about our eco-friendly methods, give Princeton Linen Supply a call today at 1-888-982-2782!

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