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A Safe, Organic Approach to Dry Cleaning

Not too long ago, the dry cleaning industry was constantly being criticized for its use of hazardous chemicals in its cleaning processes. Chemicals like Perc represented a significant danger to the environment due to it’s debilitating effects. But in recent years, more and more companies have been utilizing an organic approach to the dry cleaning process and have been supplementing those hazardous chemicals for greener alternatives. Here are 3 organic alternatives that dry cleaning companies are now utilizing instead of hazardous chemicals such as Perc.

1) GreenEarth Cleaning
One of the most popular greener alternatives that many dry cleaners are now using is what’s known as the GreenEarth cleaning process. This process involves utilizing a non toxic chemical inert, silicone-based solvent. When this chemical has been used and is disposed of, it doesn’t pollute the environment like Perc does due to the fact that it decomposes into silica, water and minute amounts of carbon dioxide. There has been an abundance of research pertaining to the chemically inert, silicone-based solvent that is used during the GreenEarth cleaning process, and the conclusion of those research results demonstrate that it is virtually harmless to the handlers of the chemical as well as the environment.

2) HydroCarbon Cleaning
This is one of the oldest and cheapest solution that dry cleaners use when it comes to supplementing Perc. Hydrocarbon cleaning consists of utilizing a volatile, carbon-based compound that is similar in it’s composition to Perc. While the solvent itself is not as hazardous to workers and the environment as Perc is, many dry cleaners are shy about using it due to the fact that it leaves a noticeable odor on clothing.

3) CO2 Cleaning
CO2 cleaning is the newest, most expensive and cleanest alternative available when it comes to organic dry cleaning processes. This cleaning process consists of utilizing a special type of equipment that converts carbon dioxide from its gas form into a liquid form. In its liquid form, it is used to clean clothes and after it has been used to clean a certain amount of clothes, the liquid is converted back into carbon dioxide by the special equipment and then gets released in the air as the gas form of CO2.

Many people are turning to dry cleaners that only utilize an organic approach because they are very concerned about the effects that Perc has on the skin. Thankfully there’s an abundance of safe, organic processes that are available that dry cleaners can utilize.

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